I'm Alisha. Designer, Illustrator & Creative Maven.

Here at Love Indigo, I create intentional, beautiful design for inspirational brands.


I believe in utilising my skills and passions to empower others and create positive change. If you feel the same, you’re in the right place. In today’s visually saturated culture, great design is key to standing out. Tailored visuals will attract and connect you with your dream tribe, communicate your purpose and capture the essence of what you stand for.

I believe in connection. Connection is what life's all about! Why work with someone who doesn't really understand your purpose? Connection and communication are fundamental to building a great collaboration.  I want to hear all about your dreams, and then help you turn them into reality. If I'm working on your project, I'm just as invested (and excited) as you are! I love my job because it allows me to connect with amazing like-minded women from across the globe.

I’m a dreamer, a wanderer, and a magpie for all things colourful and beautiful. I’m happiest when travelling . Being somewhere new means my inspiration reserves get topped up on a daily basis. I chose a creative career largely because it allows me to roam free, and I love that I can work from anywhere (a hilltop in the Himalayas or a graffiti-laden café in Berlin... the options are endless!) I'm a wandering gypsy currently at home in Auckland, New Zealand.



When I was a kid, drawing was just something I did for fun after school, and my life goal was to learn French and move to Europe. I was obsessed with magazines, and spent hours cutting and pasting collages onto the front of my school books. When I found out that someone actually got paid to create all the pretty graphics I saw in my magazines, it seemed too good to be true.  It took me five years of high school and many other almost-careers - zoology, nutrition, history and French-  to realise that after all of that, it was graphic design that lit me up. Part of that was knowing that being a designer would allow me to travel the world while I worked!

I studied a Bachelor of Visual Communication at AUT, and a compulsory illustration paper changed the trajectory of my life when I completely fell in love with the craft. After graduation, a brief stint working as an in-house designer confirmed what I already knew: I wanted to work for myself!

I went traveling for eight months - Japan, India, all around Europe - and along the way started to plant the seeds for my own creative biz. I wanted to find a way to combine my love for design with my deep passion for health, wellbeing and positive change.

Now I get to design, draw and create for women who are doing amazing things in the name of empowering others, and making the world a better place.




+ Yoga is a huge part of my life. You'll find me on my mat almost every day, and this year I became a teacher.

+ In 2014-15 my man and I backpacked around 12 countries in 8 months, Couchsurfing most of the way. I had some of the most incredible experiences of my life, connected with amazing people, and now I want to move to Berlin. German lessons, here I come!

+ I loooove to cook, and I’m super passionate about eating healthy (and delicious) food. I have a slight obsession with making raw desserts, and have been known to spend four Saturdays in a row perfecting my Raw Vegan Banoffee Pie recipe.

+ I used to be a barista, and I still have a mad love for coffee. Organic and fair trade, of course. Extra points for cold drip. I don’t drink it every day, but I savour it when I do, and I’m a total coffee snob. I may or may not plan my travels around the best cafes (and yoga studios) in each city.