How to Nurture Your Creative Energy

How to Nurture Your Creative Energy

Creativity is a topic close to my heart, and one that I’ve recently felt called to delve into more deeply - both in my own practice and in my workshops. Before we dive in, let me ask you two questions…

Do you consider yourself to be a creative person?

Do you feel like your ability to be creative is limited to a couple of forms of expression - maybe you can write and cook, but you ‘can’t’ draw or dance? 

As children we are unabashedly creative, but somewhere along the road to adulthood, most of us decide we’re either a creative person, or we’re not.

Create or Credit: Tips for Sharing the Love on Social Media

Create or Credit: Tips for Sharing the Love on Social Media

Lately I’ve noticed lot of people online  - including big businesses - reposting images without crediting the creator. I know most people don’t do this with malicious intentions, but it’s harmful nonetheless. Of course there are exceptions to this. Artist friends of mine have had others claim credit for their work; building whole social media profiles based on stealing the work of another. But if you’re reading this, I’m pretty sure you’re participating in the online world with the best of intentions! My intention is to offer you some tools to make it easy for you to credit the creator of any image, no matter where you find it. 

The Key to a Successful Brand Photo Shoot

The Key to a Successful Brand Photo Shoot

Branding is one of those elements in business that can create confusion for most and I often hear women tell me that they just don’t know where to start. I completely understand, branding is such a buzzword these days, it seems that every person who owns a business is talking about it, whether their experts in the field or not. This simply shows how important it is to have a brand story that’s unique to your brand. Using your face - showcasing the essence of YOU - is a great place to start. As we know, photographs evoke emotions. So focusing on which emotions you want to evoke in your audience is a great place to start when planning a photo shoot. 

How To Launch With a Bang on Social Media

So you’ve been in creation mode for the past few months and you’re finally close to launching your new project into the online world. You’ve hired a designer to make gorgeous graphics, a copywriter is helping with your soulful sales page and you have a life coach supporting and cheering you on. You’ve covered all bases and now it’s time!

Social media marketing might be easy to do on the fly but the launch of a new project (especially a paid product) certainly requires a solid plan. A social media launch plan is a calendar of events that relate to your promotional activities.

4 Business Lessons I Learned On My Yoga Mat

On the microcosm of my yoga mat, I've learned (and unlearned) some of the most potent lessons that serve me in the macro of life, and in my business. Whether or not you're a yogi, or even a business owner, these lessons are relevant to everyone who's navigating this crazy journey we call life....

You're Not Too Young to Chase your Dreams

There's a social stigma attached to age, especially with all this talk of how entitled and impatient Gen-Y kids are. They say we don't know the meaning of hard work; that we expect everything to be handed to us, like, yesterday. But I can honestly say I've met so many kick-ass women in their twenties who are out there changing the world, and hustling hard to achieve their dreams.

What is Your Colour Palette Saying About Your Brand?

Do your brand colours really matter? Is the shade of blue you use in your logo going to affect whether or not someone buys from you?Does your choice of colour have the power to attract or alienate entire demographics of people? Honestly, yes!

Your colour palette is one of the most influential and underestimated tools in your branding kit.