9 Inspirational Podcasts For Solopreneurs

9 Inspirational Podcasts for Solopreneurs | Love Indigo Creative

I freakin' LOVE podcasts. 

I'm pretty sure I would go crazy working at home by myself all the time if I didn't have them. The conversational nature of most podcasts makes me feel like I'm hanging out with friends, which is perfect if you're feeling a little isolated working alone. I love hearing other people's stories, getting inspired, and expanding my idea of what's possible.

You can listen to them while you commute, exercise, cook dinner, or lay in the bath (my personal fave). Plus, there is just so much to learn. The amount of incredible free content out there blows my mind sometimes. 

The first podcast I ever listened to was with the creators of Grey's Anatomy when I was 16 or so ( I was slightly obsessed with McDreamy, okay?). I've been hooked ever since.

I've put together a list of some of my all time favourites for you:

The School of Greatness 
For: Everyone!

This podcast is one of the most well known, and you'll find something for everyone. Lewis shares interviews with the best of the best in a range of fields - creatives, entrepreneurs, athletes and more. Try his interviews with Casey Neistat, Lisa Messenger and Danielle LaPorte for starters!

The Lively Show
For: Women, Female Entrepreneurs

Jess Lively's podcast is a must for female entrepreneurs. She's super conversational and honest, and her focus is on values-based intentions. She interviews guests on topics ranging from business and blogging to wellness and relationships. I have so many favourites I can't possibly choose, but try her interviews with Alex and Mimi Ikonn, Liz Gilbert, and Alisa Vitti. 

The Rich Roll Podcast
For: Everyone!

This is possibly my favourite podcast, and I've been listening religiously since episode one. I can't really describe it better than this: 'Each week Rich delves deep into all things wellness with some of the brightest and most forward thinking, paradigm busting minds in health, fitness, nutrition, art, entertainment, entrepreneurship & spirituality. Intimate, deep and often intense, these are not interviews. They are conversations.' Start with the Best of 2015 Part I and II episodes for a taster of what this one's about. Inspiration and motivation galore.

Smart Passive Income
For: Online Entrepreneurs

If you haven't listened to this one already, hop to it! Pat Flynn's podcast is a wealth of knowledge on how to create a sustainable online business that uses automation to create cash flow. He recommends new listeners start here.

After The Jump
For: Creatives, Entrepreneurs

Hosted by Grace Bonney, founder of Design*Sponge, this one is perfect for those wanting to run a creative business. It covers topics such as finding your voice on social media, pencil vs. pixel, and changing pay rates for creatives to name a few. I also love hearing about how other creatives work and learning from their experiences.

The Crave Cast
For: Women

This one has nothing to do with business, technically. But, I'm all about balance, and your health and happiness definitely have a huge impact on your biz! Alexandra Jamieson is a Functional Health Coach, and Cravings Whisperer, and this podcast covers all things cravings and desire related. Some great episodes to start with are Energy Check - Debunking Myths about Energy Supplements, Nicole Jardim - How to Fix Your Period, and Danielle LaPorte - Revealing the Truth about Core Ambitions.

The Good Life Project
For: Everyone!

This is another gem that has something for everyone. And you can choose between listening on iTunes or watching the videos, depending on how much time you have. Their mission is ' to help each other live more meaningful, connected and vital lives...in a way that is powerful and inspired, yet also sustainable and practical.' Hell YES! Some of my fave interviews are with Brené Brown, Gala Darling and Eve Branson (yep, Richard Branson's Mum!).

Being Boss
For: Creative Entrepreneurs

This podcast is a goldmine for creative entrepreneurs. Hosts Emily and Kathleen both run successful branding & web design businesses, and dig into different topics such as social media and newsletters, managing clients, and cultivating confidence. One of my fave interviews is Redefining the Dream Job with Elise and Scott Grice from Hey Sweetpea.

Unmistakable Creative
For: Everyone!

When I first discovered this podcast, I was like 'Holy shit, how did I not know this existed?!' The interviews are so rich with interesting info from people who are doing cool things. Creativity, entrepreneurship, travel, mindful living, happiness, peak performance and so much more. Check out their Best of 2015 series.

What are your favourite podcasts? I'd love to know so I can check them out!

Alisha x