How To Launch With a Bang on Social Media

How To Launch With a Bang on Social Media | Love Indigo Creative

By Sophie Wood

So you’ve been in creation mode for the past few months and you’re finally close to launching your new project into the online world. You’ve hired a designer to make gorgeous graphics, a copywriter is helping with your soulful sales page and you have a life coach supporting and cheering you on. You’ve covered all bases and now it’s time!

Social media marketing might be easy to do on the fly but the launch of a new project (especially a paid product) certainly requires a solid plan.

A social media launch plan is a calendar of events that relate to your promotional activities.

Good launch plans take the guess work out of your communications and make it easier to know what to post and when. They also help you to plan ahead and batch content creation (which is great for creating clear and consistent communications). 

Launch plans will look different for everyone and you need to find a system that works for you. Perhaps it’s time to whip out some paper and coloured pens? Or maybe an Excel spreadsheet is more your jam? It doesn’t matter what it looks like, as long as you understand it and feel inspired to follow it! 

Once you’ve found a system that works for you, it’s time to fill it with content!


Here are some essential questions that you must consider when creating the plan: 

1. What platforms will you use to promote your launch? 

This question is all about getting clear on where you will be spending your time promoting your project. While this article is largely focused on social media, don’t forget about other platforms such as your blog and newsletter. And remember, it isn’t as important to be on every platform as it is to be on one platform and do it well. If you can’t decide which platform is more important than think about your ideal customer. Where are they more likely to be hanging out? 


2. How often do you want to show up on each platform? 

Getting clear on how often you want to show up on each platform takes the guess work out of your communications. Make sure to be realistic and set a time frame that works for you. Do you have a primary social media platform? Make sure you show up on this platform more often than the others. You might also want to increase the frequency of posts the closer you get to launch date. 


3. What are some key dates in your launch plan? 

Don’t forget to include key dates in your launch plan. For example, you might be planning a webinar or in-person workshop to promote your project. Make sure these make an appearance so that you can work around them and factor them into your plan. Key dates could also include any guest posts or podcast interviews that you are doing for others. In fact, these are great promotional activities to add to your launch plan! 


4. What topics or themes are important in your online project and how can you bring these alive in your online communications?


So you’ve just spent weeks or months creating this project and now you have to think of even more content to help promote the launch. By this stage, creators are often exhausted and lost for ideas. Luckily, I have some great news. You most likely already have all of the content you need! 

Launching and promoting your project isn’t about creating new content. It is about using the content that you’ve created and sharing that with your audience to entice them to opt-in or buy the full version. You might also like to share content that other people have created in the form of testimonials or kind comments about your work. 


There are so many ways that you can repurpose this content. Here are some of my favourite suggestions below! 

1. Does your eBook or eCourse have a signature process? Create a series of social media posts that share the process and just enough information that your followers want more! 

2. What are the values that underpin your project? Can you share more about these values and how the project came to fruition? 

3. Let’s say you’re launching a new website – what information, content and images can you use from your website to promote it? I bet you have an abundance of information and content to share! 

4. You’re launching the second round of an online course. Pick out a few of your favourite testimonials from the first round and create a graphic that shares the experience. 

5. Look through old journals, notes and computer files and see what you can find. So much gold happens in the creative process and while it may not have made it into the final product, you could still use it on social media or as a blog post. 

So now you know where and how often you will be promoting your project and have some content ideas for marketing. It’s time to draw up a plan in whatever way works for you and finally launch your creative project into the world! 

Sophie Wood is a cheerleader and side kick for change-making women in business. She works with clients to help unleash their creative energy and find more direction and purpose in their online communications. Offering social media strategy and management, Sophie also has a degree in marketing and journalism with experience working in the magazine industry. This allows her to offer clients a range of services including writing, editing and public relations. Specialising in in feminine and change-making brands whose social media platforms make you feel something, Sophie has a range of experience in the health and wellness, online and creative spaces.

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