Tools For Maintaining A Consistent Visual Brand (Free eBook)

Tools for Maintaining a Consistent Visual Brand - Free eBook | Love Indigo Creative

Consistency is something I see people struggling with the most when it comes to branding. If you don't have guidelines, it's so easy to be swept up in the latest trends, or to use a mish-mash of styles that leave your brand unrecognisable and lost in a sea of others. 

I've created two simple exercises that will leave you feeling clear about your brand vibe, along with a printable template that you can fill out to refer back to whenever you're creating something for your biz.

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Brand consistency is so much more than adding your logo and brand colours to everything you put out. It’s when your visual brand is so synonymous with your business that your audience doesn’t even need to see a logo to recognise it as yours. 


That kind of consistency creates trust, which leads to loyalty. 


Your audience feels like they really know your brand, and they’ll be more likely to make a purchase and recommend you to others. If you’re putting out bold minimalist images on social media, but your website has an earthy boho vibe, you’re sending mixed messages. Your tribe can’t pin down exactly what you’re about, which means they can’t trust you. 


Purchasing is an emotional decision more often than it’s a rational one.


When your audience feel like they know and trust you, they have an emotional connection to your brand and are likely to remain loyal to you for years to come. We all want that, right? 


The key to consistency is having a brand map. 


Ideally this should include your brand guidelines - a document provided by your designer that maps out your logo, colours, fonts etc and how to use them. But even if you don’t already have brand guidelines, the following exercises will clarify your brand, and leave you with a one page cheatsheet to refer to whenever you’re creating something for your biz.


+ Guiding words to describe your brand aesthetic.

+ Guiding words describing how you want people to feel when they interact with your brand.

+ A printable template that you can fill out with your new guiding words, your brand colours and any extra notes you so desire. Stick this cheat sheet on your wall to refer back to!

Let me know how you go! Your can reply to this email, or tag @loveindigocreative on Instagram so I can see your brand cheat sheet in action.

Alisha x