What is Your Colour Palette Saying About Your Brand?

What is Your Colour Palette Saying About Your Brand | Love Indigo Creative

Do your brand colours really matter? 

Is the shade of blue you use in your logo going to affect whether or not someone buys from you?

Does your choice of colour have the power to attract or alienate entire demographics of people?


Honestly, yes!


Your colour palette is one of the most influential and underestimated tools in your branding kit. Choosing the right colours to tell your brand story can create a powerful emotional connection with your customers. Think of Tiffany and Co. with their own top secret Pantone swatch. Everyone recognises that shade of duck egg blue! How about Cadbury purple? Coca-Cola red?

Think about the last time you shopped for groceries, skincare or a hard-copy book. Whether or not you realise it, colour psychology has a significant effect on our purchasing decisions. Research has shown that 60% of a consumer's first impression of a product comes from its colour. Why?

Because colour affects the way we feel, and our purchasing decisions are based primarily on emotional triggers.


Does your colour palette tell customers that you’re trustworthy and dependable? Vibrant and adventurous? Focussed on freshness and sustainability? Could your colours be telling a story that’s completely out of alignment with your brand? Maybe you want your brand to be associated with balance and harmony, but what's really communicated is frivolity and childishness...

Each colour has it’s own emotional associations, both positive and negative. Here are some general guidelines, although keep in mind that humans can see around 10 million different colours so these are pretty broad categories!

What is Your Colour Palette Saying About Your Brand? | Love Indigo Creative



Of course, things like upbringing, cultural differences and personal experiences can change our individual perceptions of colours. But when it comes to branding, it’s super valuable to get clear on the kind of values you’d like people to associate with your brand, and to keep these in mind when choosing colours.

Want to see just how nuanced we can get when it comes to colour choices? Check out this Pantone chart!

I feel like I could write for days on the topic of colour, but I'll leave it at that for now! 

Alisha x